Friday, 21 April 2017

Small Business Spotlight - Chloe Suzanne Designs

There are so many lovely, small businesses around at the moment so I thought i'd start a new series on the blog where I feature a different one each month, and this month is ChloeSuzanneDesigns!

This should come as no surprise really! We were one of the first to have a bandana from Chloe and we've been re-buying ever since! :-)
But the reason I chose Chloe's shop is because she's just launched her new bows and spring/summer print bandanas! I picked up four of the bow ties, three have a nautical theme and the last is pineapples because why not! The bows retail at £5 each and are slightly bigger than all the other bows in our collection, they are made to the usual high standard and attach to the collar with a loop of elastic, they are very lightweight and soft yet still sturdy enough not to be flat like some of the bows i've seen/bought!

I absolutely love them, and they will be making their proper debut when we meet up with Colin & Rhapsody and Tilly for beach walks next week!

Chloe's store can be found on Etsy, Twitter and Instagram @chloesuzannedesigns (theres an exclusive discount code for her instagram followers too!)

Have you bought anything from her shop? I think we need that pineapple bandana!
Lily's collar: "The Rose" by Teddy Maximus
Sev's collar:  City collar by Duke Loves Fergie
Thank you for reading!
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


  1. Thank you so much for featuring us, gorgeous photos xx

  2. Lovely post! Our favourite is the sailboats ��