Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Places To Visit - Not For Cats

When I met up with Amy and Emily last Wednesday after we'd walked the length of Lepe beach (blog post is linked here) we headed over to Not for Cats in Whiteley, and oh was it worth the drive!

Not For Cats is a dog deli located in Whitely, Hampshire. Not For Cats is tucked away in a corner of an industrial estate but is by far the best pet store i've ever visited! They describe themselves as being driven by the health, happiness and wellbeing of pets and their ethos is to only stock the products and brands they would feel comfortable giving to their own Labradoodle, Sampson (who we met and is such a lovely boy!) they believe in natural pet products and stock a huge range of raw, wet food, dry food and treats - absolute heaven!

There is literally nothing at all similar to this on the Island, so I took this as justification to get a little spend happy! Think I had more fun shopping in there then I did at Crufts! So here's my haul! :-)

I was super excited to see that they stocked Cotswold Raw as this is a brand that i've been saying to get for the dogs, I picked up a 500g chicken pack which was £2.50
(sorry for the rubbish photo, they wanted their dinner!)
I picked up a variety of natural treats, 2 goats ears(?!), 2 beef twists and a jumbo pizzle - ours love puzzles and Ava always wants them but can't have them because they're too small - not this one though! I also picked up a hide roll for Ava, so nice to find Saint sized natural treats!

And because i'd spent so much they kindly gave me a Cotswold Raw cool bag which is massive so perfect for a summer of dog shows!

Collars & Bows:
As soon as I walked in I spotted a wall of Bramble and Friends collars and leads and I knew I wouldn't be leaving without one! I picked up a pink tweed and solid leather collar for Lily and this is beautiful! (more in depth post on this to follow) and because I have the self restraint of a small child I also added two more bow ties to my collection; the lilac and the grey - these are the bigger size than our other 4 but are equally lovely!

I bought two more bows (yes I know but I couldn't resist!) the first is a teal with white dachshunds(!?) so naturally i just had to have it! This is by the brand Pepito & Co, the second is another teal bow but with an adorable fox print - I especially liked this one because it features adjustable velcro loops for attaching to collars meaning Sev can actually wear it on his everyday collar! This is by Collars by Lizzy.

Other stuff:
Ava's been having her first season so has been a bit under the weather so I bought her a Green and Wilds octopus toy, Ava loves leather/suede toys and she loves this one!
And finally I picked up a PitPat! This was actually cheaper in the store than online so I couldn't pass it up! Super excited to test this, especially on dog show days!

Have you been to Not For Cats before? We'll definitely be going back! :-)
Thanks for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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