Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The benefits of Benyfit.

Lily, Sev and Isla have been on Benyfit raw for just over a month now and are loving it!

Until Lily's incident with a duck wing a few months ago I'd been DIY raw feeding as much as possible, but after Lily swallowed the duck wing whole (to then throw the wing up in one piece the following day!!) I became a lot more cautious of feeding the dachshunds wings/necks which led me back to the hunt to find the perfect raw complete. I'd heard a lot about Benyfit raw so decided to give  it a go; they offer a 5kg starter box which is perfect for trialling the food, mine aren't at all fussy with what they eat so I was intrigued to see the effects on them.

Benyfit is a relatively new brand started in 2014 out of founder Ben's kitchen after he's failed in finding a food that was right for his Labradors. All of Benyfit's ingredients are British and ethically sourced, all of their meals are 100% complete and balanced which is exactly what I was looking for! As well as containing muscle, offal and bone they also contain a variety of vegetables such as kelp and broccoli as well as various other natural supplements nettles, psyllium husks etc.

Another thing that drew me to Benyfit was the variety of flavours, the favourite in our house is then chicken and tripe! They come in clear plastic tubs which means no eating whilst they are defrosting and come in three different sizes, 1kg, 500 and 200 grams. I've been buying the 500g tuns which feeds our three perfectly.
The dogs coats have stayed lovely and shiny and we've had no tummy upsets either! I do add extra vegetables to the dogs meals to both bulk up the meals and to slow them down whilst eating (trust me, it does work!) but we've had clean bowls everyday!
 Above the Turkey flavour and below Chicken & Tripe (with added veg! and Verm-x bone for natural worming properties)
I did also pick up a tub of the Benyfit Bites which the gang go mad for!

Do you feed raw?
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo


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