Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Collars we've been loving!

Every so often I come across a company that makes the perfect collars and accessories, and recently i've come across 3!

Firstly we have Broughton & Co, now i've mentioned them before (they featured on our Christmas wish list!). We had the pleasure of meeting the guys at B&Co at DogFest in June where I picked up two of their collars and lovelocks (which I mentioned in my July favourites!). I wanted to give the collars a through testing before I wrote about them and I can confirm they are brilliant!
The first collar I bought for Lily was a Blue Glitter Ombre collar, I absolutely adore anything blue and sparkly so just had to have this! I must admit I was a bit worried about any glitter fallout but after lots of wear it still looks good as new - Lily loves a good roll on the concrete and despite that it still looks good as new.  The ombre glitter is just beautiful and really evenly blended; Lily will definitely be needing the Ruby Red Glitter collar at Christmas!

The second brand is a new one to me but i've seen our friends Spaniel Life & Adventures of Doodles wearing sets by SuperPuppies so when they had a 40% off sale I picked two sets up!
Both sets are from their "Essentials" range, Lily and Sev wear a size Small and it is the perfect fit! The fabric used is so, so soft! There are literally no sharp edges which is important especially on little necks! The set comes with a collar with chrome hardware, a bow and a matching lead. The bow has got to be one of the best bows i've bought, it's not too big and because of it's double loops it stays put on the collar and doesn't twist around like lots do! The lead also surprised me, it's super long which is really helpful when you have two very short dogs! Once again it's super soft and comfortable to use even when they pull!

The first set I bought is the Camilla which is a pale pink gingham print, which is perfect for the summer!

The second set (and probably my favourite) is the Aqua. I absolutely adore the tiny floral print, because the florals are blue Sev can also wear it! (Personally think it suits Lily better, ha!)

And lastly is the newest discovery; Paws With Opulence. I initially came across Paws With Opulence through #WoofWoofWednesday, they are a relatively new company but everything on the site is so luxurious! Simone (the brand's CEO) contacted me asking if we would be interested in trying their collars*, so obviously I said yes! Simone sent me two collars (the second will appear in a later blog post!) but the one that I fell in love with is the Pebbled Black Leather collar. The craftsmanship on this collar beautiful - the leather is buttery soft and gorgeous! It's embossed with the PWO logo and is finished with brass hardware, this is the sort of collar that would last a lifetime!

Have you bought any new collars lately?
Thank you for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo

*Paws With Opulence kindly sent us the collar but all opinions are my own :) 


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