Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Teddy Maximus Love (& Discover Dogs 2017)

It should be no surprise to anyone that reads the blog/follows us on social media that we are big fans of Teddy Maximus! We've been avid fans since I first met Holly at Crufts 2015 when Teddy Maximus had only just launched and i've been obsessing over her products ever since!

Lily and Sev have quite the collection now but one thing i've never bought was one of her beds, that was until a few days ago when Holly had a sample sale on her Instagram and I couldn't resist!
I have spent the passed few months working on my office/studio and have been on the lookout for the perfect dog bed; I wanted something that matched the colour scheme, was nice to look at and finally (and most importantly) warm and cosy for the dogs! Holly's sample sale had just that!

I picked up a "Sky Blue" (this colour was never actually released but perfectly matches the bookcase in my office!) Luxury Slumber bed in size Med/Large, I wanted something that gave both of mine room to spread out and the the bigger size is perfect for the pair of them. It came in a gigantic box and is so beautifully made, Lily has spent the whole afternoon curled up in it and hasn't once asked to get on my lap like she usually does!

It's also practical as well as pretty, the bed can be popped in the washing machine if it gets grubby which is handy with winter fast approaching! We love it!

Also we have an exciting announcement, me and Sev will be at Discover Dogs with Holly and #TeamTeddy on October 21st (or 22nd, we haven't decided yet!) so excited to be attending again as we really enjoyed it last year!

Are you going?
Thanks for reading,
Jaime, Lily & Sev xo