Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Crufts 2018!

The highlight of my year is just around the corner - Crufts!

We are competing with all three of our show team (Ava on Thursday, Sev on Friday & Isla on Sunday). Friday is my showing day and Sunday is for shopping and exploring! 
I absolutely love Crufts and cannot wait to the back on the famous green carpets and then to catch up with all our favourite brands and bloggers! Due to my imminent move i'm on more of a budget than usual (eek!) and am trying to stick to sensible/essential purchases but here is some of whats on our shopping list!

I've had my eye on these for a while, they are the perfect solution to organising Sev's everyday essentials (tempted to pick up a couple actually!)

Omega Star Oil - Dorwest 
I always stock up on this at shows, it's the best oil i've used on the dogs and wouldn't ever buy anything else! This is my must have supplement and I recommend it to everyone!

Salmon & Trout Kibble - Edgard Cooper
Sev loved the EC food and his favourite flavours are the Salmon and Trout and the Fresh Lamb kibbles, we've almost ran out so I will be stocking up at Crufts! Sev is also looking forward to cuddles from his favourite EC team members! :-)

Beco Pets
I recently dropped Sev's green Beco Bowl and broke it so will be picking up a replacement and i'll also be stocking up on our favourite poop bags.

There are also lots of other bits and bobs on my list that we need for the new house so hopefully i'll be able to pick them up! Also looking forward to meeting some new brands like Butternut Box and hanging out with old favourites like Dapper, Poppy's Picnic and Mabel & Mu


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